Hi and most welcome to my boutique. My name is Lovisa Korpendahl and I am the founder of My Vintage Kiddos. The shop was created out of a passion for kids clothes and the environment in 2019. I believe circular economy to be the future and adore Second Hand shops. But I was missing an online shop that made Second Hand feel luxurious, fresh and fun. The idea of My Vintage Kiddos started to form.

I want it to feel as easy, safe and luxurious to shop Second Hand as it is to shop new items. I focus on high quality through every step. All My Vintage Kiddos products are hand picked to create a common sense of style. Our vision is to make Second Hand first hand.


– Lovisa Korpendahl

CEO, My Vintage Sweden AB

Would you like to get in touch with us? Contact us here.

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